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    December 23, 2015

    Larry Martin

    On December 16 it was time for the Syracuse University community in New York City to gather and to say congratulations and farewell to a long time member of the University staff. After 39 years Larry Martin, VP of Program Development, is retiring. To honor Martin the Program Development team threw a retirement celebration at Lubin House for all those who know and respect Martin and the vital work he has done through the years to better the campus experience for Black and Latino students and alumni.

    There were over a dozen guest speakers who offered up their personal recollections both funny and poignant including Deryck Palmer, member of the Syracuse University Board of Trustees, and Greg Allen, a member of the Syracuse 8; It was through the leadership and perseverance of Martin that decades after the Syracuse 8 graduated the group finally reconnected with the University. The Black Celestial Choral Ensemble served as an interlude for the heartfelt reminiscing offering a rousing performance to the capacity crowd.

    The staff at Lubin House will miss you Larry! Be sure to check out our Facebook album from the event!