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    Wynn Newhouse 2012 Awards Exhibition Reception

    June 17, 2013

    The Wynn Newhouse Awards Exhibition was created to draw attention to the achievements of artists of excellence who happen to have disabilities. This was the exhibition's 3rd year at the Palitz Gallery.

    The show contains the works of this year’s eight grant winners: Robin Antar showcases one sculpture made out of calcite, marble and bronze; there are two oil on canvas paintings by Chuck Bowdish; Martin Cohen lends two mixed media collages; Laura Fergenson's four works, primarily works on paper, explore the human anatomy; three more collages are on display by Alexis Mackenzie; while Katherine Sherwood lends one mixed media work; Jennifer Lauren Smith shares a silent video and sculpture and Laura Swanson will showcase an installation piece.

    Each of the winners receives a portion of a $60,000 per year allotment from the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation. Nominees and winners of the Wynn Newhouse Awards are chosen by a committee composed of persons respected in the arts and disabilities communities. This group also decides how the grant money will be dispersed among the artists. The Selection Committee for this year’s awards was comprised of: J. David Farmer, director, Dahesh Museum; Mark Parsons, former winner and artist, Pratt Institute; Kathryn Price, curator, Williams College Museum of Art; and Ealan Wingate, director, Gagosian Gallery.

    "The Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation has given out these awards since 2006," explains Bill Butler, Newhouse consultant. "In those seven years the level of talent has been consistently excellent. We are proud to reward a few of the many talented artists in this community. We hope these awards and their exposure in the Syracuse University exhibition will help the winners to excel in their craft. We continue these awards because we believe that artists with disabilities often have unique skills and insights that benefit us all."

    For more pictures of the opening reception, visit our Facebook Page