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    "Beyond Friends and Followers" - Social Media's Future

    November 30, 2011

    iSchool's Assistant Professor Anthony Rotolo

    Where is the future of social media headed? That is the question the iSchool's Assistant Professor Anthony Rotolo tried to answer when he recently moderated a panel of marketing experts at the Time Warner Center.

    Rotolo, the force at SU behind exploring the implications of these new forms of communicating and information gathering, led a discussion that included: Linda Boff from GE, Keith O’Brien ‘01 from Attention PR, Ryan Osborn from NBC News and Josh Karpf from PepsiCo. The panel covered topics that included:

    • Where do brands find value within their social media followings
    • How will ROI play a role as social marketing tools and programs evolve
    • What are the skills necessary for marketers to hone in order to navigate the evolving digital landscape

    In addition to a lively discussion, Rotolo began the talk by sharing some of the social media innovation that is happening on SU's campus including its recent partnership with geo-location service, Foursquare, which was co-founded by SU alumni, Dennis Crowley ‘98.

    The evening’s program was introduced by Chris Licht ‘93, executive producer of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, who shared his perspective on how social media is having an impact on the news industry.

    Click here to watch the panel discussion in its entirety.


    Chris Licht '93